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Who said it's a small world? At Tattoo International Travel, we beg to differ. 

We love the world and all it has to offer. Our Click here planet is full with amazing destinations to visit. From thrilling risks to relaxing coastlines, from hectic cities to historic buildings of all cultures, there is always something that will take your breath away. And you should go and experience it!

Every country has paradises, some of them mundially popular, while others still remain hidden, only visited by a few lucky ones who either stumble across them or just have the right information to find them. We are here to turn you into the second guy, the one who is aware of all gems in this planet and is planning the next trip to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We are a group of travelers who write for other travelers. We know a lot of places everyone should visit at least once in their life, and we are here to share all our knowledge with you. Get started by checking our news section for all recent articles on travel destinations!


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Traveling does you good!

Who wants to spend their entire life in the same location? With such a huge world, full of wonders, full of emotions to experience, why would you stay always in one place? Traveling is good for people at all levels. 

It changes your outlook on life. Meeting new people and new cultures, you can see the world with new eyes. You incorporate new philosophies and lifestyles that can put your own into perspective. You become a richer person because traveling always changes you.
It allows you to experience things that you would never experience in your everyday life. Be it peace or thrill, be it amusement or a deep realization of life, travelling is about emotions. New places and new environments open up all of these new possibilities of experience.
It enrichs you with new knowledge about the world. Seeing different realities and places will make you wiser. The more you see and hear, the more you learn.
It helps you stop the routine. Doing always the same thing and being always in the same places makes your mind stay always in the same place. Traveling will make you flexible and adaptable, and will help you develop new skills. A good change of air is great to relieve stress and prevent burnout. You return from your travels with a healthy mind and a renewed motivation!
It can help your physical health. Spending time in more natural places can help fight the nasty consecuences of living in a modern metropolis. When you travel, you do excersise, walk, breathe fresh air and try new drinks and cuisines. A well planned trip can do a lot for your body.
It will strenghten the bonds with your family, friends or mate when you travel in groups. Sharing experiences, solving problems together and going on adventures will always bring a group closer.

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