Holiday lettings are the perfect holiday accomodation

What is a perfect holiday accommodation?

One word which excites nearly every individual in the world irrespective of their age is – holidays! It’s the time of the year which everyone waits for throughout the year. We plan so much for it months before. Ranging from where we will go, what we will do, things that are “a must” to see at the destination, things that are “a must” to do and things that are a must to eat! Aren’t we right? One another important choice which every traveller makes is about the accommodation. The place where you choose to stay makes a total difference in your holidays. A boring holiday will also become a fun filled one if you choose a perfect accommodation.

So, what is a perfect accommodation? Well, by perfect we don’t really mean that you need a castle to stay in! A perfect accommodation is the one which offers you with all the amenities and a royal hospitality. After all you are on holidays and won’t like to do too much of unproductive work like ironing your clothes before moving out! Who has got time for that on holidays when you can choose an accommodation which offers laundry service? Similarly, you just need an accommodation which has got all the facilities at your door.

But aren’t such accommodation costly?

Yes accommodation options for tourists are usually costly especially if you are looking forward to stay at hotels. Hotels throughout Europe are going to make a hole in your pocket. This is why tourists came across alternate to hotels – apartments. Rental apartments are life savers for those tourists who are on budget. They cost much less although they miss out on some basic amenities at times but they still seem to be worth the charges they ask for.

But these unregulated holiday letting companies or individuals who offer their vacant properties for accommodation don’t have it up to the mark. The travellers at most time find it troublesome to stay at any such apartment. This is why some regulated companies have now stepped in to holiday lettings. In UK, HolidayVelvet lettings and Principalhotels are two such companies which offer lavish, budget accommodations for travellers at the cost of renting an apartment.

Why you should go with regulated holiday accommodations?

The demand for regulated accommodation has been in rise throughout Europe for past few years. The reason is not too hard to be guesses. After all who wouldn’t love to get a luxurious accommodation right in their budget?

Still, here are some top reasons for the success of regulated holiday accommodations:


Professional maintained

The properties which are offered for you to stay at under managed and regulated holiday lettings are professionally maintained. They have a long checklist of things which is ticked by the person after inspection before they hand over the keys to you. Every minute thing is ensured right from having a fresh toilet roll in the washroom to providing clean bed sheets. Professional staff with experience in the hospitality industry is behind all this after all.

Agents appointed with every accommodation

The companies have appointed agents to look after a limited no. of properties. The agents are responsible for offering you services on your stay and hear to your grievances, if any.

Covering nearly the whole Europe

Don’t worry about the destination which you are going to choose. Services of key players like HolidayVelvet are available in more than 135 cities throughout Europe. So, wherever you go, you will come across their accommodation options.

Thousands of customers cannot be wrong

Thousands of guests which have stayed at their property before have reviewed them online publically. You can find their legit reviews on many travelling portals online as well as on the HolidayVelvet official website.

If you were not yet aware about Principalhotels, Holidayvelvet and other similar holiday lettings then you have come across a goldmine. Their reviews are perfect and you will be glad to check out pictures of their accommodation on the web. This is a fight against unregulated holiday letting companies who have been offering literally nothing at the amount they have been charging. On the other hand, regulated lettings are offering travellers with much beautifully built and nicely maintained accommodations and that too at the same budget.

We highly recommend regulated holiday lettings to every tourist as they are comfortable, safer and have all amenities of a premium hotel. Do plan your next stay at one of them when you check out from your towns with family for holidays. In conclusion, remember that holidays are all about relaxing and having fun. Don’t mess that up by choosing the wrong accommodation option which will result in stress instead of relaxation. 

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